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Members Who Attended First Outing to Big Brook Preserve

We have a new club contact phone number: (908) 867-8341.

Our next meeting is this Saturday, April 12th at our Fair Haven location. We will meet at 4:00pm. The address is:

Men's Hair Women's Fare
120 Fair Haven Rd.
Fair Haven, NJ 07704

Please send an email to Larry Demetris and/or Steve Wien if you can attend.


Our club President, Larry Demetris, is putting together a weekend trip to prospect for gold at World's End State Park on Rt. 154 in Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania on May 9th and 10th. They have cabins besides campsites and also clean showers. The club has a campsite reserved next to the PA Prospectors club. There will be panning and sluicing.

Please contact him as soon as possible at the above number or send an email.


We have been invited to attend and meet up with David Cupina's gold club for their annual outing the 3rd weekend in July. There will be a common dig, pot luck, personal prospecting, etc.

More details to follow shortly...

New Fundraiser:
At each meeting, whenever you sign in, you may purchase one raffle ticket for an end-of-the-year drawing for a decent prize (1/4 oz. nugget, etc.). You need to hold onto all your tickets throughout the year. It will cost $5.00 (PLEASE NOTE: THIS DRAWING WILL INCLUDE ALL OF 2014 IN ORDER TO BUILD FUNDS FOR THE PRIZE).

Other Fundraisers:
Our Monthly Scavenger Hunt for the April meeting is underway. Our Six Month Treasure Hunt is also underway. You can login to the Members Only page to access both of them. The rules are also listed on both Hunts. If you do not have an account, please request one as soon as possible to get in on this fun.

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